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Daniel Franklin
2 November 1989
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I'm a 20-year-old Ancient History student at the University of St Andrews (ooo, prestigious, I hear you gasp! yes, but clearly not discerning enough if it'll accept me...). I've been a reader since... well, longer than I can remember, but I've only been reviewing my purchases since September 2009, when I wanted to broaden my selection of authors in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.

Most of my reading is within those bounds, and most - though not all - of what I read is reviewed; anything read directly for university doesn't even appear on the blog, though reading around the subject (until I write my dissertations - ie, 2012-4) may appear sporadically. My tastes are eclectic, and at present the tagging is a little... iffy (when I've time, and can be bothered, that'll change!).

When reading books, I tend to also be listening to Heavy Metal or Rock - something semi-related to the book, oftentimes (f'r instance, steampunk music when reading a steampunk novel); any other activity from watching TV to (theoretically) writing an essay may also be occurring. All the books here, except those explicitly noted otherwise, are my own purchases and choices; and I have read and reviewed all of them fairly and frankly.

Feedback, of course, is always welcome, as are friend requests, which may or may not be reciprocated (depending on whether I know you, whether your journal looks interesting, and what mood I'm in) - being friended will, though, give you access to the personal posts as well as the book ones. Be warned.

All that said - what're you doing here! The reviews are in there!


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